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About Lori

Lori Andrews is a self-taught artist who is captivated by all aspects and varieties of art, but prefers to work in watercolor. Still life is her greatist artistic passion, although she loves helping her watercolor students paint what they love. Born and raised in Phoenix, after completing her fashion merchandising degree and attending PhoenixCollege for commercial art, Lori worked as Visual Display Manager at Dillard's Department Store, then went into the electronics industry before devoting herself to raising her two now-teenage sons.


As soon as the boys were in school, Lori was back at her easel. With the encouragement of everyone who witnessed her talent for watercolor, she began offering group watercolor classes. Lori loves teaching at private painting or "paint and pour" parties and is in high demand by people visiting Arizona on vacation and for corporate meetings. She would love to help you bring people together to discover that they, too (with Lori's patient guidance), can create artwork they can proudly add to their own art collections.

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Tel: 602-625-2344

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